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The benefits of the Bowen method go beyond helping the body activate its natural healing response to overcome major injuries and chronic ailments. This treatment option can also be effective in promoting a higher level of overall health by reducing or even eliminating the incidence of everyday concerns such as headaches, digestive concerns and respiratory issues.

The Bowen Method works by using dynamic low-pressure manipulation to stimulate the body to assess and correct its own issues, improving the health of muscle and connective tissue as well as bringing the body into proper balance. Imbalance in key structural elements of the body such as the skeleton and hormonal systems can manifest themselves as common afflictions, and addressing their root cause is the only way to guarantee long lasting relief.

Krista Connolly-Voysest, Bowen Method specialist at The Homeopathic Alternative has helped countless individuals restore health.She is now available in the Dedham area where clients can get the most from life by facilitating the highest level of overall health every day. Bowen therapy can even enhance the health of healthy individuals to help them unlock the potential of their most important tool: their bodies.

Contact Krista Connolly, Bowen Method practitioner, today about achieving a superior level of health through the Bowen Method.


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