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Krista Connolly

Homeopath & Bowen Therapist


Krista has helped my family immensely since early 2002. In 2002, our oldest daughter, aged 16, began to lose her hair up to 80% over a long period of time. Our family dermatologist treated her for 8 months and the final verdict was that there was no cure for her alopecia and that she would be bald. Having exhausted all my options in western medicine, I finally heard about Krista. We decided to give homeopathy a try. Within 8 months our daughters hair had fully grow back in! 16 years later our daughter still has a full head of hair! Thank you Krista.

Our second daughter at 8-12 years old was helped under Krista’s care. She frequently missed school due to her asthma, eczema and upper respiratory infections. She had a wimpy immune system. After being under Krista’s care for a period of several months she seldom missed school and her asthma and eczema flares were lessened.

Krista has personally helped me with getting rid of reflux, sinus infections and currently I’m getting help with some A Fib issues.

All of our correspondence with Krista has been over the phone.
So much success and without ever driving to a doctor’s office!
Phone appointments with Krista are comfortable, convenient and leave one feeling empowered and hopeful of physical well being.


I fell on black ice over a year ago.  I had a sore leg afterwards but thought it would go away after the bruising had healed. I didn't realize that my condition was getting worse until months later when I had developed a pronounced limp.  Some days were worse than others but it was a constant annoyance. I didn't know who to turn to, until a friend recommended trying the "Bowen Technique".  I did research to understand the process, and then found a practitioner nearby. Krista Connolly turned out to be a lifesaver!  She was gentle, a good listener and very knowledgeable at explaining the process and how it helps. At the end of my first treatment, I realized 80% of my leg pain had disappeared!  In addition, at that same session Krista tackled a problem I had only recently developed concerning my shoulder. I was not able to lift my arm about shoulder height. Krista administered three pressure treatments with 2 minute intervals, and like magic I was able to lift my arm to the ceiling! I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't experience it myself. I have had a few more treatments and continue to do the gentle exercises Krista has prescribed, and my pain continues to disappear. I am almost 100% pain free at this point.  I have faith in both Krista and the process. Unlike other alternatives, Bowen can't damage you. It is gentle and works with your body to realign itself. No drugs, no tricks, no pain, no long term treatment commitment. It really works!

HM : NEWTON, MA | 2018

My son was diagnosed with serious asthma at the age of 2. His asthma was triggered by exercise, environmental/food allergies. He also had an asthma attack whenever he caught an upper-respiratory virus. His allergy first started in August 2006 and continued unabated for 3 months until October, at which point I met Krista. As well as my baby, I was exhausted, and terrified by those long lasting attacks with nebulizers and oral steroids that would relieve an attack for only a short while. What amazed me about Krista is the precision and confidence with which she was able to find a remedy for my son (he couldn’t describe much about how he felt while I, as a Mom, did my best). She followed through, changing the remedy only as it was needed (I was ready to give him all the remedies I had in my Homeopathic kit, all at once!). During the next 2 years, we saw steady and amazing changes in Dominic. His attacks became shorter, more spaced out, his reaction first to food and then to the outside allergies diminished continually and greatly. This year, 2009, I have only used the nebulizer 2 times, and never a steroidal inhaler. It is spring in Indiana, everything is blooming. Not only is Dominic not reacting to it with an asthma attack, he has no allergy to it of any kind. He had a viral chest infection near the end of winter, with a high fever and cough that never turned into an asthma attack (for the first time since 2006). I feel that I owe Krista for the rest of my life. I also want to say, that through these last 2 years, Dominic did very well socially. He is a very smart, creative boy, always sweet and in a good mood. One can feel deep, thorough balance inside this 4 year old. I thank God and Homeopathy for this happiness.


My son had asthma since he was 2 years old. He was on daily doses of singulair and Flovent (a steroid) and during asthma attacks we had to give him albuterol every half hour. By age 4 the frequency of asthma attack had increased considerably and so did the doses of albuterol and steroids. We felt very desperate and helpless. This was the time we began exploring alternative medicines and came to know about homeopathy and its healing powers. We looked in the North American Society Of Homeopaths and found Krista Voysest. She prescribed Homeopathic medicine for my son. From the time he started taking them he has not had to take any steroid or albuterol. We can focus on good things in life and not be bothered by asthma any more. It is very important to choose a very experienced homeopathic doctor and we are glad that we choose Krista. My home in Chicago is a 2 hour drive from her but was worth the effort because my son is now asthma free.

CHITRA : | AUGUST 14, 2013

Krista Voysest is a perceptive and excellent practitioner of Homeopathy. She is amongst an elite group of students who have come through my Master Clinican Course and truly earned the title: Homeopathic Master Clinician.


A few weeks ago, I found myself waking with very uncomfortable symptoms of coldness on the right side of my abdomen. The pain would stretch toward the pelvic bone, and even into my back. During the day, I felt a pulling, dragging pain that would get worse if I picked up anything heavy. I started to feel quite fearful about what could be going wrong. I called Krista 4 days after the pain started. She took the acute case, and after an hour of consultation prescribed me a remedy. I could not believe the changes! It started with warmth replacing coldness in just about 15 minutes after I took the first dose. I slept through that first night, and in 3 days the problem was gone. I did not need ultrasounds, X-rays, specialists, etc. Homeopathic consultation with Krista, over the phone, out of my own home, saved me from pain, fear, and potentially hundreds of dollars for the treatment. As always after working with her, I feel deeply grateful for the art of healing she practices so masterfully.


I was a very sick child growing up, and was administered many traditional drugs (including antibiotics) during my childhood since my parents did not know about Homeopathy. During the first 18 years of my life I developed chronic bronchitis; chronic laryngitis; blood platelets count abnormality; slipped discs; and liver disorder, to name a few problems. There were only rare months when I did not have to take one conventional drug or other. In other words, I’m a hard case for a homeopath, as numerous doses of conventional drugs do alter a person greatly, as I've come to learn. I have worked with a few homeopaths for some years before I met Krista in 2007. I was 29 at that time. Although I felt much healthier than I was at 18, I still generally was a person whose mood swings, occasional depression and oddball health issues often made me a miserable member of the family. Krista took my complex case and listened patiently about all my myriads of physical and emotional problems, now and past. She prescribed a remedy right after the conversation, and then followed through responding to my calls and e-mails whenever I had questions. She is the most observant and attentive homeopath I have ever worked with. Thanks to her, at 31, I feel younger, more enthusiastic, and physically much more healthy than I have felt most of my life. Krista’s ability to find a correct remedy is almost intuitive although I know this is the wrong word to use for the science which Homeopathy certainly is. I wish knowledge about Homeopathy would spread further and more openly. It would save many people from their sufferings.


About ½ year ago, I slipped and fell on the ice. I landed in a sitting position, but felt alright. I went through the day with no issues. However, when I woke up the next morning, I had an aggravating lower back-pain. I got up and started to move around, and did not at all like the way it felt. So I decided to exercise quickly, thinking that I just needed to get some blood flowing through it – I hadn’t connected the fall on the ice to the notion that I perhaps injured my back. So I did some jumping jacks… it continued to feel sharp and painful, but I grit my teeth and pushed through anyway. When that definitely wasn’t helping, I got on the floor and started to do sit-ups. It was very, very painful… I took it slowly, pressing against the pain, but I could only do about 6 of these. Now I really, really hurt. I realized that I couldn’t sit… I couldn’t stand… I couldn’t kneel or bend forward… it was extremely painful (all I wanted to do was scream)! Well, I wound up flat on my back in bed. I could barely move; I couldn’t put a pillow behind my head (too painful) and I had to crawl to the bathroom. The X-ray showed 2 slipped disks that were pushing on the sciatic nerve. At a chiropractor, with $40 per session for 5 sessions, the gains were minimal. Finally, I realized to call Krista. It quickly seemed very clear to her that, along with a Homeopathic acute case remedy, I needed Bowen therapy. It would cost less, work faster, and do an all-round better job than a chiropractic alternative. I have never tried Bowen before, but I knew to trust Krista’s judgment. The first session is always a ‘warm up’ session; I didn’t feel much of anything at all. As Krista said it would happen that way as the body does the initial job of balancing and cleansing. The second session… the ‘hit it’ session, really astonished me (and I’m not the sort of fellow who ever expects much of alternative treatments without seeing the results first). This second session took away about 85% of the pain within about 40 minutes. I could get up and walk without a cane for the first time… on the trip back, I intentionally walked down the length of a block to get a juice at the corner grocery, just to feel the astonishment of being back up on my feet again! Now, I have to ask myself why in the world I aim for a traditional doctor when I have an issue that COULD be fixed with something like Bowen or Homeopathy. It is much cheaper to take the secondary route, and usually works MUCH faster. And all that with no ill side-effects. And with less cost than I could have ever imagined. We should CERTAINLY have gone to the Bowen practitioner first. And not the chiropractor. Krista was absolutely right about this, and I am absolutely humbled by the realization that I have to break my preconceptions – which I now understand were taught to my parents and myself by the traditional medical industry. They want your money. Krista… Homeopathy… Bowen… want to HEAL you. Very, very big difference – and THANK YOU, Krista, for doing what you do so well!


I have gotten much help in healing through Krista's thorough assessment and wise counsel. We were able to communicate by phone for the initial consult as well as follow ups. Krista always makes me feel validated in my observations. I definitely experienced a rapid, gentle, and thorough change for the better in my health, mentally , physically, and spiritually. I now take a more active role in my health care rather than fear the worst. Krista encouraged three friends and I to take a video course in acute care Homeopathy and we are able to help family and friends.


My family and I have all been greatly helped by Krista Voysest and Homeopathy. In 1995 I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I failed to respond to hormone therapy and because I had had two c-sections, my insurance informed me that they would not cover surgery because the risk of a medical emergency was too great. I did not have the money to pay cash for surgery, so I began to resign myself to a life of spending most of my time in so much pain I could not function. At this point, a friend introduced me to Krista. She found the right remedy for me, and I began to improve immediately. My endometriosis has been entirely cured, and I am in better health than ever. Because of my success my father-in-law decided to try Homeopathy for his blepharospasms. The nerves in his eyelids had degenerated to the point that his eyes would get stuck shut and had to be opened manually. He was unable to drive or work any longer. The inactivity sent him into depression, and my mother-in-law told me that he was considering suicide. He tried treatments with botox, but they made even more problems. His eyes were stuck half open and half shut until the treatment wore off. He could not sleep like that, so the doctors put him on strong narcotics which only made his depression worse. Krista began treating him Homeopathically and within two years the condition was completely cured. He is 67 this year and still running his own business in Taiwan. He is very healthy and happy thanks to Homeopathy. Krista is able to manage cases long-distance very well. I live in California, and my in-laws are in Taiwan. We check in by phone or e-mail for adjustments in our remedies. We continue to get healthier and healthier under Krista’s care.


Krista has given me my life back! After 30 years of suffering with severe debilitating mental diagnosis's, Krista found a few remedies and I am now medication free. I also suffered from life long bi-annual seasonal bronchitis, a chronic very congested cough, migraines occurring a few times a month and yes, I am now cured of these also! My mental and emotional status is quite even thanks to Krista and I am really enjoying life like I always dreamed. Thank you Krista, I owe you everything! TS

T.S. : WA | JULY 18, 2015
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