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Krista Connolly

Homeopath & Bowen Therapist

Restoring Shoulder Mobility


Regain Your Mobility

The Bowen Method is a special active manipulation treatment that is proven effective in relieving pain and promoting good mobility in key joints. This makes Bowen therapy from The Homeopathic Alternative an outstanding option for individuals suffering from ailments such as frozen shoulder and other common stiffness and mobility issues.

The Bowen Method can be used on its own or in conjunction with other treatment options to treat pain and stiffness in the shoulders as well as in the neck, back, elbow, knee and other structural elements of the body. The process treats the entire body truly holistic treatment option. Our clients typically experience lasting relief in just a few treatments, and are even able to resume activities such as golf or tennis in many cases!

Unlike medicinal treatments such as cortisone injections, prescription medications and invasive surgeries, the Bowen Method offers sufferers of chronic stiffness and pain a path to relief without risking the health of their body’s other critical systems. Krista specializes in restoring mobility to Dedham residents and helping them to enjoy a higher quality of life through whole body healing techniques.

Talk to Krista today to learn more about real relief through holistic therapies.

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