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Hormonal imbalance is common in individuals in times of transition, such as men with decreasing testosterone production as well as women approaching and after menopause, and can cause issues from depression and insomnia to unstable moods and infertility. The Homeopathic Alternative specializes in utilizing homeopathic treatments to activate the body’s natural healing response to resolve these imbalances and restore proper working order.

During the homeopathic consultation Krista takes the health of the entire body into account, eliminating common concerns including mood swings and low energy using natural, noninvasive methods. The results achieved through her care are long lasting and reliable. As in all classical homeopathic care, each of her remedies is personalized to the individual in need of care to promote the highest level of effectiveness in every treatment.

In many cases, the most severe effects of hormonal imbalance such as infertility may also respond to proper homeopathic treatment. These options address the root causes of the malfunction to greatly increase your level of stability and encourage the highest level of performance in all of your body’s systems. Dedham residents can search of answers to their hormonal and fertility issues by contacting Krista for her signature approach to whole body healing.


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