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Individuals who suffer from chronic pain will often take any promising avenue to relief, including highly invasive surgeries and dangerous pharmaceuticals that can have a devastating effect on your overall level of health. Bowen treatment from Krista Connolly is a much safer and more reliable option, bringing long lasting relief to those who partner with Krista to get well.

The Bowen Method relies on the trained tactile senses of trained Bowen therapists, focusing on specific areas of key muscles to stimulate the release of healing chemical compounds from the brain through the muscle nerve conduction. Bowen treatment encourages the body to recognize its own structural and mobility issues, activating its natural healing response and delivering long term relief from chronic pain.

Krista’s base of clients in the Dedham area rave about the effectiveness of her Bowen treatments for chronic pain because she can custom tailor her treatment plans to each individual case. The process is non-invasive, has no direct side effects, and is also a pleasant and relaxing holistic alternative to a traditional massage.

Speak with Krista Connolly, Bowen Method practitioner, about a safe and proven avenue to long-term relief from your chronic pain.


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