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Homeopathic treatment can be an incredibly effective option for treatment of pain, discomfort and lack of mobility resulting from injuries.

In fact, many injuries have been proven to experience deeper and more permanent healing through homeopathic treatment when compared with conventional medicine.In order to fully heal from an injury, treatment for it must address each of its effects from external ones such as lacerations and bruising to internal effects including swelling and joint damage.Homeopathic remedies are fantastic adjuncts to surgical care, making the recovery time much quicker after what we consider “planned trauma”. Krista specializes in developing homeopathic treatment plans customized for every individual under her care, delivering relief from pain, stiffness, nerve damage, lack of mobility and other aftereffects of trauma to the body.

Conventional medicine can provide some temporary suppression of symptoms from these disturbances, but untreated damage can develop into other severe issues, particularly later in life when the body’s ability to recover is diminished. Krista’s treatment options can offer permanent relief from the aftereffects of injury, including the silent damage that often goes undetected for years.

Talk to Krista today about achieving true healing from your injury.


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