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The body’s waste processing systems are some of its most indispensable resources, and so any issues with them could be sign of a deeper and more serious issue.

Even common afflictions such as incontinence as well as bladder and urinary tract infections can tremendously disrupt your everyday routine as well as leading to complications including kidney infection, making these issues particularly important to quickly address.

Homeopathic remedies for afflictions that manifest in the bladder and kidney along with the supporting systems not only bring relief from the symptoms of the illness, but can better prepare your immune system to respond to infection in the future. Whether your issue is infection, incontinence, water retention, or other ailments in bladder, kidney and supporting systems, as a classical homeopath, Krista Connolly-Voysest can work with you to uncover a remedy specifically for your symptoms. Through Krista Connolly’s homeopathic care and Bowen therapy treatments her clients have remained healthy for years after receiving care.

Call Krista today to schedule a free 10 minute consultation to see if her services match your needs.

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